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Germany / BR03.10 in the North Germany (August 2011)

Three cylinder steam loco 03.1010 whirled on a mainline of north Germany in August 2011, hauling a special train for a group conducted by Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde e.V.(UEF). BR03.10, exhibited in the Museum Halle, substituted for UEF's loco 01.1066 which was under repair in a workshop. On August 6, the train departed Itzehoe and made a round trip to Rostock via Hamburg.

In the morning of August 7, 03.1010 with 6 coaches left Hamburg Hbf, ran down to the south as far as Goettingen, where an El-loco replaced to haul the train to Stuttgart. BR03.10 went back to Halle from there.
Chasing the train by a car using autobahn, I could shoot three times of the rare view of active BR03.10 on the main line.