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Germany / Fichitelbergbahn in Snow (February 2010)

Neighboring area of the terminal: Oberwiesenthal of Fichtelbergbahn is a winter resort, then trains are operated even in winter, different from most of other preserved railways. I was waiting near a railroad crossing located about 1km south from Cranzahl, No.99 773 came and passed by pulling a seven-coach train.

The train will reach Oberwiesenthal in one hour. I drove a car and was waiting on a small bridge over the railway near Unterwiesenthal. The train appeared and passed by with crisp and clear exhaust sound.
As the second train was leaving Cranzahl at 11:10, I drove down to the large curve near Kretscham Rothensehma, arranged camera and was waiting for a while. The train pulled by No.99 771 appeared and crawled on the track with heavy smoke and sound.
Quickly I packed my camera, drove toward Oberwiesentahl and was waiting beside the large bridge just before the station. The train has a dining car even the full trip is just one hour from Cranzahl.
I was waiting the next train, which would leave at 13:10 from Cranzahl, in a forest near Vierenstrasse. After passing by, a low whistle sound spread through the forest.
I shot the 4th train of the day at the same railroad crossing as in the morning. The locomotive passed by ringing a bell to alarm the approach of the train.