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Jordan / Hejaz Railways / No.85 for Dara'a (September 2010)

A British Railfan tour was conducted to travel by Hejaz Railways in Jordan and Syria in September 2010. The group was on the train pulled by No.85 manufactured by Nippon Sharyo (Japan) and passing by a railroad crossing in Zarqa. The train has just passed through the area where the lineside has become markets.

After leaving Zarqa station, the train is running toward the next stop: As Samra. This train will go to the north and carry the passengers crossing the border to Syria and reach Dara'a station.
The train pulled by No.85 is climbing up a magnificent omega-shaped curve near Al-Thughra village. A flock of sheep was surprized by the approach of the train and moved to the right.
The train stopped before the end of the omega-shaped curve, let some member of the tour group get of the train, who would take photo from lineside, and moved backward slowly to the beginning of the curve. Then No.85 pulled out the train and ran through the curve again, passing by the railfan waiting with their camera.
After the Photo-run-by, the train has to stop once to let the members outside ride on it. During this period I moved to another place and prepared to shoot the train running up the hill.
The train is running over a small stone bridge. The border to Syria is only several km from here. There is a railroad crossing just left-hand side, then the locomotive keeps whistling to alarm for cars.