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Jordan / Hejaz Railways / Holiday Special to Syria

On May 28th, 2010, a special international train bound for Dara'a in Syria was operated by Jordan Hejaz Railways commemorating the indepencdence day of Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan (May 25th).
At Zarqa station from where the train departs, a band was playing bagpipes welcoming passengers.

The special train is running after As-Samra station in a slight sandstorm. Passengers will enjoy lunch, sightseeing and shopping in the southern part of Syria, and come back to Amman at night. (May.2010)
As the independence day special for Syria was popular with poeple, Jordan Hejaz Railway decided to operate the same special on every Saturday from June. This train just left Zarqa station in the morning with single diesel loco.(June.2010)
The train is climbing up the grade just before Al-Thughra village. The alignment of the track is "omega" shape in a magnificent scenary.(Aug.2010)
Several kilometers before the border to Syria, the train is passing by . Boys in the nearby houses are chasing the train, because they can rarely watch a train. (Jun.2010)