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Jordan / Hejaz Railways Weekend Train

Hejaz Railways started operation of weekend special from Amman to Al-Jizah every Friday since October 2009. The train left 9 am from Amman and after half an hour it passed Ten-Bridge contructed a hundred years ago. (Oct.2009)

The train arrived at Al-Jizah about 11 am. Passengers, most of them are local families, ate lunch inside the grounds of station, let children play and returned to Amman on the same train in the afternoon. The train was driving slowly on the down grade. (Nov.2009)
After a break for the winter season, the operation resumed from April 2010, on every Friday and Saturday. Shortly after Amman station, the train runs along the hllside. Coaches are full of families.(May.2010)
City of Amman is built on hard rock and it is common to cut hill vertically without any surface protection. The train runs just beside vertical criff. Single diesel loco is pulling the train this day.(May.2010)
The train came into suburbs of Amman down the slope. Camel is watching the passing train. (May.2010)
Afternoon train bound for Amman passes through dry scenery. In order to supply water to Al-Jizah station, a tank wagon was coupled after locos on the day.(Aug.2010)
Afternoon train passes Ten Bridge with quite slow speed. This ten arch mansonry viaduct was built at the beginning of 20th century.(Aug.2010)