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Switzerland / Brienz Rothorn Bahn

When I visited this railway in 1990 and rode on a train, we could see a train pushed by a steam locomotive following just after us.
(July 1990)

From the terminal Rothorn Kulm, we can observe trains climbing up to the station far down. In the magnificent view with the Lake Brienz, high blast sound from a small locomotive were spreading out.
(July 1990)
The train pushed by Locomotive No.5 has arrived at Rothorn Kulm station, top of the line. This locomotive was manufactured in 1891, but it was in a good condition after 100 years and one of the active power of this line. The driver is taking care of the engine preparing for the return trip down to the lakeside station. (July 1990)
When I visited this line in 2005, a new locomotive was in operation with new cars. The train ran through forest for a while after leaving the lakeside station Brienz. It stopped at a station where two trains coming down from the mountain passed by.
Between tunnels we could look down the Lake Brienz and lakeside town. Then the view turned wide and the train climbed up the line along the field. (July 2005)