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Egypt / Nag-Hammadi sugar cane field (Apr. 1992)

Sugar factory in Nag-Hammadi, located in Southern Egypt, has a network of 2ft narrow gauge railway. There is no time table for this kind of line and we cannot predict where a train will run.
While I was moving around the area, I could came across a train.

When I was waiting beside an irrigation canal, a diesel loco No.55 came with an empty wagon. Boys gathered around me and were chatting.
No.29 came into a branch line, coupled one wagon and went back.
No.29 was shunting on a line along a irrigation canal.
This loco had pulled empty wagons with a rope. Just after the loco passed a point it stopped. At the same time a worker unfastened the rope, turned the point in order to let the wagons roll into the other branch.
Loco No.56 had pulled empty wagons and stopped along a canal.
Camels were walking beside No.56 shunting on the line. Camels were transporting harvested shugar cane from the field to beside wagons on the line. Men would carry shugar cane to load them on the wagons.