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Germany / Double Headder in Oschatz (April 1991)

The line Oschatz-Muegeln-Kemmlitz in Saxony was the last stronghold for Saxon Meyer narrow gauge locos. When I visited there in April, 1991, just a half year after the reunification of Germany, 4 freight trains in each direction were operated everyday.
An arriving train stopped before Oschatz station, then one loco approached, coupled and pulled the train into the yard.

The last train of the day leaving Oschatz at 16:16 was double headder of Meyer.
Freight wagons of standard gauge line were loaded on flat dolly of 750 mm narrow gauge track. Contrast between huge wagon and tiny loco was a unique view.
The train ran through the countryside and arrived at Muegeln station beside the brick engine shed.
Saxon Meyers were maintained in the Muegeln depot, feeding coal and water. It was often observed for narrow gauge steams to feed coal by a belt conveyor.
The unique mechanism of two couples of driving wheels were seen on the side view. After finishing work of the day, the loco was stored in the shed.