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Germany / Pressnitztalbahn (February 2010)

Schmalzgrube is the station located just half way of this preserved line. The train from Steinbach signed its arrival by a long whistle, then the other train from Joehstadt started approaching to Schmalzgrube after a short whistle. This train was pulled by No.99 4511.
In exchange of the arrival, first train departed the station and proceeded to the direction of Joehstadt, which was pulled by Saxon Meyer No.99 1590.

The train from Joehstadt with No.99 1590 approaches Schmalzgrube, then the other train with No.99 4511 leaves for Joehstadt proceeding up grade line.
On the day I visited, seven return trips were operated by two locomotives, and most of them passed each other at Schmalzgrube.
A train is approaching to Wildbach station which is located along a river. It was a very cold day and the temparature was below zero.
I took photo and video of two trains once again near Schmalzgrube.
There was a trail along the line and a family had passed just before a train bound for Joehstadt with No.99 1590 came.