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U.K. / Severn Valley Railway (July 1990)

Severn Valley Railwaay is one of the largest British Heritage Railways in terms of its line length and number of rolling stock. No.1501 with coaches passed by a pasture, south from Brignorth. No.1501 is a tank loco with 3 driving axes and made in 1949, which hauled the train for Brignorth with coal-bunker first.

No.5764 arrived at Hampton Loade and left. Second coach of this train had doors for respective compartment.
I chased the train to Brignorth and found the loco turned into the other head of the train, and departed for Kidderminster with coal-bunker first. This loco was made in 1929, which has family of same model more than 1000 in the Great Western Railway.
No.48773 had coupled to a train with tender first at Brignorth station.
The train arrived at Hampton Loade and waited another train to pass each other.
The train with 8 coaches headed by No.48773 had returned from Kidderminster and passed by a pasture.
In the late afternoon, this train arrived at Arly and departed under a masonry bridge. This loco was made in 1940.
Walking down the path entering to the platform of Arly station. Old building and semaphore signal. In this heritage railway, small items were placed recalling old days' regular operation. Some old trunk were piled up in the room beside the platform.