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Germany / Steam special in Thueringen forest (February 2010)

I was waiting between Kirchheim and Geroldshauzsen, about 9 am in a very cold morning. 01 1066 appeared behind a curve with gray smoke, dashed forward and passed by within a moment. An electric locomotive was pushing the train, which would pulled it after Wuerzburg turning the direction of the train.

After Schweinfurt the train entered into the line with single track without electrification. 01 1066 passed Oberwerrn station with slow speed. This train with 8-coarch departed Stuttgart Hbf at 6:00 am and was going to return there before midnight.
The train arrived at Grimmenthal, then 01 1066 left the train and handed over it to 94 1538.
01 separated three coaches and was preparing to bring them to Meiningen without passenger.
At 00:45 pm, 94 1538 departed Grimmenthal after a very long whistl. A diesel locomotive was pushing this 5-coarch tain. White steam clung the engine under the sub-zero cold air.